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I distinctly remember turning 50 and not having too hard a time with that but figured 60 would be another story. Well much has happened in the months leading up to this birthday which occurs tomorrow. 8 months ago my husband Dr. Van Dueck passed away. Never thought I’d be a widow at 59! So I’m turning 60 as a widow. I left my home on Gabriola by the ocean within 10 days of his death. Many of my belongings were packed up, sold off or given away and I left to spend 6 months in Calgary with my step son, daughter in law and two beautiful grand daughters. There were some hard times of course but right from the get go I told myself to go with the flow as much as I could. I also started to monitor my endocrine system closely because I knew it was under tremendous stress.

When I got to Calgary, I watched my adrenals carefully by using my Zyto scan and eventually found that my heart was under stress too so I applied the correct nutrition and came through it all relatively unscathed. It took work but I was determined not to allow my health to suffer too much through the whole ordeal.

Eventually, I realized I didn’t have to be alone and found a wonderful partner online and a few months later moved back to the Island to be close to him. I have my own place which is great and someday when the time is right we will move in together. So tomorrow, despite all the upheaval and heart ache, I will spend my birthday with him and I won’t be alone.

I feel good and I look good. My daughter in law got me working out so yippee! I have some tone:) So all in all…it will be a good birthday and I’m going to have fun and enjoy it. I guess the moral of the story is that lots of what we perceive as bad stuff can happen but we can come out the other end OK regardless of how bad it seems at the time. Of course I still miss my husband, but I can’t change things and getting on with life was the only option and I have and I’ve done a good job of shaping my new life. So on I go into my 60’s and a new life in, a new place with a new partner. Life works in mysterious ways I guess but that’s OK.

Me at 60:) Turns out turning 60 isn’t so terrifying!

Susan New pic

Wonder how I will feel about 70? LOL The same I hope!


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