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Dr. Rodney Van Dueck

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About Dr. Rodney

Dr. Van Dueck is a private consultant, he likes to give the straight goods on health and get to the root cause of his clients’ health issues. No beating around the bush! Get to the bottom line and get well!

Dr. Van Dueck began as a Chiropractor, and did a 3 year post-graduate study for certification in Neuro-Spinal Bio-Engineering. He spent 9 months in a residency research project at the Spinal-Rehab Institute.

In 1988 he did his certification in Contact Reflex Analysis and Applied Trophology (study of food as medicine in the body) and soon left the Chiropractic Association to form Co-Creative Health Solutions with his wife Susan.

Other certifications include Electro Dermal Screening Instrumentation from the Institute of Quantum and Molecular Medicine & Biological Terrain Assessment.

His ongoing study in Bio Energetics, the field of biology comprising science, engineering and medicine has led him to recently include Zyto Select Bio-Surveys and Nutri-Q Online Nutritional Questionnaires as decision support technologies.


Of our Patients have trusted Dr. Rodney with their chronic health problems over the last 25 years.

Dr. Rodney's Approach to health


Biological Medicine is the new frontier of modern health care. It represents an evolved understanding of health and healing in that it incorporates both conventional and alternative medical practices to stimulate, balance and restore one’s own healing mechanisms. Biological Medicine understands that there are often multiple hidden influences that cause illness. What mainstream medical professionals often overlook in their examinations, diagnosis and treatment, Biological Medicine practitioners intentionally set out to find. Environmental toxins, chronic hidden infections and parasites, undetermined food allergies, poor diet and nutrition and interrelated dental medical problems are all meaningful factors considered by biological medicine practitioners.


The ZYTO Select software offers an expanded range of automated scans with access to the complete database of nutritional supplement libraries. During a ZYTO scan, the Hand Cradle measures the body’s galvanic skin response (GSR). The data gathered by the Hand Cradle is evaluated by the software in the context of various digital signatures. Digital signatures are representative of a wide range of things like foods, nutritional supplements, body organs, and systems. These scans are designed by some of the best and brightest professionals in the world for the purpose of providing the most pertinent information about your wellness. At the completion of a scan, the software’s analysis is documented in the form of a report. Information gathered in this way can help you make better decisions for your health.


Contact Reflex Analysis is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the body’s structural, conditional, metabolic and nutritional needs. Its purpose is to determine the root cause of a health problem. The nervous system is similar to the wiring in a house. Electricity (nerve transmission) flows down a circuit to a switch (reflex). If there is a problem with an appliance (contact point), the circuit can become overloaded and trip the switch. CRA locates the switch and identifies the faulty circuit, like an electrical engineer. There are reflexes for all body systems and sub-systems. CRA is designed to treat the body as a whole.

Susan Van Dueck

Susan Van Dueck

Office Manager/Client Liaison

Susan Van Dueck has a BA from UBC in Political Science and a teaching certificate. She has been interested in health most of her life and has managed Dr. Van Dueck’s practice for 25 years. She continues to work as a liaison between the Clients and Dr. Rodney. She has written an e-book called “Nutrition in a Nutshell” that will be available as a free download soon! Susan also writes a nutrition blog check it out at https://goodnutritioninanutshell.wordpress.com


“There is no way I could put into words what Dr. Rodney Van Dueck has done for me and my life. I’ve suffered from gastrointestinal problems since I was a child and when I hit 21 it became debilitating. It became so bad that I had to quit school and the outlook was very bleak. For years, I bounced from doctor to doctor, taking scores of tests, and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and gave me the same diagnosis: ‘Sorry, we can’t figure out the cause of your ailments,’ and left me to suffer my fate.

I was eventually diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) but given no recourse or remedy for it. I tried several herbal medications as well, which merely alleviated the symptoms but didn’t cure me. Luckily I came in touch with Rodney and Susan through a co-worker and from then on my life took a big step in the right direction. Dr.Van Dueck’s approach to healing is truly unique, and we’ve managed to tackle my heath problems and figure out what was going on in my body and how to fix it.

I’ve known Rodney and Susan now for 16 years and anytime I have a health problem I have complete faith that Dr.Van Dueck can help me. Aside from being an amazing doctor, he is also an amazing person. Thanks Rodney, thanks for giving me my life back, and I am forever in your debt.”  ~ Edward Park, Surrey, B.C.

~ Edward Park

Surrey, B.C

“I wanted to thank you for making it clear to me what my health issues are!

When you were explaining about my inability to handle all the carbohydrates that I was consuming…I went out looking and came across The Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program. When I started to read this book it was like they had interviewed me directly! So many of the things they talk about are just like me! I never thought I could actually ‘survive’ without my toast in the morning! But low and behold I have discovered a whole new breakfast item…‘EGGS.’ I have never been much of an egg person, but decided it was time to get on track, and do the right thing for ME!

It has only been two weeks on this plan, but it seems to be easy to follow, and makes me feel great!

Thanks again, and I look forward to more of your recipes to come!” ~ Cora-Lynn Pulles, Surrey, B.C.

~ Cora-Lynn Pulles

Surrey, B.C


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