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Immune System

Immune System Health

Our immune systems are constantly challenged. Theron Randolph, MD, firmly believed that the pollution of the environment and our constant exposure to chemicals is responsible for allergies and other immune system problems.

Another problem is the highly refined diet that many people eat. Consumption of refined sugar and refined carbohydrates can actually decrease the efficacy of white blood cells. Trans fats from hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils become incorporated into our cells, compromising their integrity, making easier for bacteria and viruses to invade.

Dysbiosis, heavy metals and increased intestinal permeability can all place demands on the immune system. Our goal is to eliminate that which stresses the immune system and to improve the function of the immune system.

Fortunately, you can do things to support your immune system. There are nutrients and herbs that will improve immune function. For many people, simple changes in diet work wonders in improving immune function.

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