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Why Rodney Passed Away


Hello All…Susan here…

This is my email to our patients about why my husband,  Dr. Van Dueck passed away. I felt a need to explain as people wanted closure and I wanted to explain what can happen so maybe it could prevent this from happening to someone else. As you will read below, I am wanting to further my education in health and have decided to go with the Registered Holistic Nutritionist course starting very soon. I may still take the NTP course later on but I feel the RHN will give me a well rounded approach to working with individuals and it is also more flexible time wise and financially. The gofundme page that was setup by the Kerkhoffs 🙂 has brought in enough so I can start and then as it grows I can take the next step as I can pay every 3 months. So that works out great for me. So here is the explanation…

Rod 2

First of all, thank you for all your condolences and help with many things. It is really appreciated. Thank you to the Kerkhoffs for posting the gofundme page to help with my schooling and ability to further Rodney`s work with my own twist. Thank you for all who have contributed so far and those of you who may still do so.

It`s important for me get these credentials despite the fact I have a vast knowledge of health from working with Rodney for so long. Although I have 5 years of university, I wasn`t in the health field then and having this training will give me credibility and a way of testing to go along with the NutriQ and Zyto scan. The testing is based on Contact Reflex Analysis which was Rodney`s first experience with working with nutrition and not just chiropractic. I still remember him coming home from a conference in the US and devouring the first `black book` he bought. That was the beginning of a new way to work with patients and he loved it. Now it`s my turn and I too am very excited in this new chapter of my life. It`s hard not having him here but he wouldn`t want me to mope so onwards I go.

I know many of you want to know what happened and I think it`s important not only for closure, but to see what events in one`s life can lead to this kind of thing. Maybe it can help someone else not go down this road. So here it is…

About 20 years ago, Rodney went to Safeway in Richmond to get a newspaper on his lunch break. While there he grabbed some chili from the deli for lunch. He went back to work and while handling the 2nd patient of the afternoon he started to sweat. I still remember the patient to this day. He ended up bolting upstairs to the bathroom but didn`t make it. He was terribly sick for several days. That night I went to Safeway to see what was going on as I knew it was the chili that had given him food poisoning. Basically what they had done was to add cans of chili to the old chili from the day before. Chili that had been sitting warming one full day already and was now on it`s second day of brewing bacteria. They tried to cover it up but I knew then what had happened. We contemplated taking them to court as it cost us a lot of lost revenue but decided it was too much trouble. Later on we found out that what he actually had was Salmonella Enteritis.

A few months later he woke up one morning to swollen joints in his fingers. At the time not much was known about bacteria causing leaky gut and so time went on with him getting worse and worse. Eventually he was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis but that actually was a misdiagnosis. In actuality he had Psoriatic Arthritis…we found this out more recently. He did have mild psoriasis when I met him so it seems that the psoriasis kind of combined with the arthritis and caused a big problem. At least this is what I believe happened. The specialist wanted him on a horrible drug called Methotrexate. It`s used in chemo so he said NO! He tried to manage things the best he could but he was in constant pain and it wasn`t until more came to light re leaky gut that he realized what had happened to him. However, since Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis are autoimmune conditions they are tough to deal with and it had him firmly in it`s grasp by then.

Not too long ago he asked me to research something for him and I found reference to people with these types of arthritis only living around 18 years. I was kind of shocked as he had been dealing with this over 20 years now. So 2 years ago he got on Enbrel a very expensive biological drug and it helped tremendously. Then last year he had his hip replacement and he had a pretty good year. BUT Enbrel is an immune suppressant and hence the slippery slope he went down and his ultimate demise. I want to warn people about this because even if you are at your wits with pain, these type of drugs can kill you and probably will eventually. There are lawsuits out there and I am going to see if there are any class action suits going on right now and see if I can get involved. It`s sick that these companies can use people as guinea pigs.


So what actually happened then…well on Aug 26th we went to work in Duncan at the Community Farm Store a wonderful health food store that we love. We were upstairs as usual but it was a very hot day and Rodney must have gotten heat exhaustion unknowingly. He drank a lot of fluids but since he heats up when he works anyway, he ended up completely out of it for a few days. Then he went to the mainland on Aug 30th and it was more downhill. He should`nt have gone but he insisted and when he returned on the 2nd, things were getting dire. BUT he told me that he had fallen on the 30th at the hotel but I`m wondering if he actually did because I saw no evidence of bruising. He said the pain started then but it still doesn`t make real sense. I think his organs were already shutting down and that the back pain was his kidneys failing.

On the long weekend (Sunday) I finally insisted on calling 911. He didn`t want me to but I had to as I couldn`t watch him suffer anymore. They came but there was no doctor on call that day on Gabriola so they offered to take him to Nanaimo ER but he refused. He wanted to wait til Tuesday for the clinic on Gabriola. That morning things were not good and I had to call the ambulance again. They took him to the clinic but they quickly shipped him off to Nanaimo ER. I got there on the next ferry and was ushered into his room in ER. They tried to get his BP and heart rate up but it was dangerously low. Eventually they took him to ICU. Finally they came and got me to see him and at least he was sedated and out of the horrific pain he had been suffering for so many days. They told me I should go home and take care of things there and wait. While I was preparing to leave, they were putting him on a respirator. Not good.

When I got home I called some friends, Tim and Lisa, and they came to be with me. At 6:30 the hospital called and it was the ICU doctor telling me that he had been given a temporary pacemaker and was being put on dialysis. He was trying to prepare me for the worst. I guess I was running on autopilot by then and I don`t know how much really sunk in. At 4:00 in the morning the phone rang again and a young nurse kind of insensitively told me that the doctor couldn`t call because he was too busy trying to save my husband`s life. Weird… I was told not to come as they were making one last ditch effort which as you know didn`t work. So around noon I was called to get a ferry asap as he was drifting. Family were on their way but Lisa and I had to make the decision and so he was taken off the dialysis around 4:00 on the 7th. He was gone within a few minutes. The hardest thing I`ve ever had to do. I knew he would want me to do it though so I had really no choice. His family didn`t make it in time but honestly, I think he was already gone and it was just the machines keeping him going.

The next day despite us all in shock and deep grief, we had to start packing me up, selling off and giving away 80% of our belongings. Rodney wasn`t a planner so there were no funds for me to stay where I was. So within 10 days, I lost Rodney, my house and belongings. I had to find a home for his parrot as he was not manageable for me. That worked out as there was a couple on Gabriola who were a great choice. I have ended up in Calgary away from my beloved ocean and friends but I am safe here at Rodney`s son and my daughter in laws. I have the 2 little girls here who were the apple of Rodney`s eye. I was able to bring our beautiful dog Georgie and my parrot. Georgie was really missing Rodney as she really was Daddy`s girl but she has a great Irish Wolfhound here and has adapted well to her new life.

So where from here…I`ll stay and help with child care while my daughter in law starts her EMT course and hopefully I can raise enough funds to take the NTP course starting in Feb. Most is online except for the 3 trips to Toronto so I`m sure I can work around all that and then….not sure yet. I`m pretty sure I want to go back to BC but not sure where yet. In the meantime, Juanita and Holly are setting up to continue scans. Some people are opting to order hand cradles so they can set appts up with me for scans from home. So I will be continuing this service plus the NutriQs and I still can get products from all the same companies. What I need from you is to know if you want to continue. I will be blogging and will reinstate the Wellness Minute emails as soon as I know I can afford to pay for them on a monthly basis. I am doing some training with Zyto this week so that I can better interpret the scans also.

So if you can help me with school, please go to the gofundme page. Every bit helps. Rodney loved his people and as his father always says…`Rodney was a servant` and that is so true. Thanks again for all your outpouring of support. I look forward to continuing to help you with your health. Abbotsford should be set up by next week and Richmond not far behind. I`ll keep you posted.


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