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Support Susan to continue Dr. Rodney's Work

We, Nellie and Bill Kerkhoff, on behalf of his long-time clients and friends, have started a GoFundMe campaign for Susan to help her with her unexpected financial distress, in the hope she will be encouraged to take the NTA course which would make her a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with Biotics Canada and continue Rodney’s practice upon completion in November 2017. She already has a wealth of knowledge in the field and would certainly be the right person to continue his legacy in this way.

Support Susan

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Are you visiting us because you have some health concerns? Learn how to manage your health problems with holistic medicine. Stop spending a fortune on conventional methods and low-quality supplements, they can do more harm than good.

Dr. Rodney approaches your health concerns with Biological Medicine that looks at you as a whole person, not just the sum of your symptoms. He combines cutting-edge diagnostic techniques and modern treatments and together we will create a health care plan to alleviate your symptoms while identifying and dealing with the root cause.

Maybe you are just interested in some of the information we are providing, so we welcome you to peruse and download anything that we have provided free of charge.

Begin your journey to health.

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Long Distance Health Consultations

If you are remote and unable to attend our offices, we are equipped to work with you long distance. By using the Nutri Q Assessment and consulting with you via Skype or phone.

Take the extensive Nutri-Q online assessment!  The Nutri-Q is $25.00, but if you proceed with a health consultation this fee is taken off your order. Please be patient while we process your assessment and send the results. Once the results are in, you can decide to move forward with a consultation. 
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ZYTO BIO-TESTING - Start your long Distance Healing Program

Purchase a Zyto Hand Cradle and begin a 6-month health program with Dr. Rodney customized to your individual needs. (Your first consultation is free!)

We’ve just upgraded to the Zyto Select and Wow!..it’s amazing! The Zyto Select is a class 11 medical device recently approved by the FDA. It is based on GSR Technology (Galvanic Skin Response-similar to a lie detector).

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THERA-EX, or ‘Therapeutic Experience’, is a complementary restoration patch system. The patches or ‘Bio Apps’ are made to rapidly promote and activate the necessary resources to optimize body and brain function, restore missing cell communication, and accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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What our clients are saying

“Dr. Rodney Van Dueck: The man I would see if I had ANY physical ailment. I have had the privilege of working with this specialist. He is without doubt the most sincere, capable, genuine and methodical practitioner I have met and I would trust him with any physical challenge with absolute confidence. Rodney is highly qualified to evaluate you holistically. Where others fail, Rodney excels.”

~ Robin J. Elliott

Elliott Enterprises Inc., www.dollarmakers.com

“For over 10 yrs Dr. Rodney Van Dueck has successfully helped me on many occasions detecting my health concerns and recommending the appropriate holistic/alternative treatment. I’m always amazed at Dr. Van Dueck’s incredible knowledge, expertise, patience and very supportive nature.”  

~ Lynne Rushton

Burnaby, B.C

 I first met Dr. Rodney when I brought my seven-year-old daughter to see him. She had a persistent cough that the pediatrician said was “all in her head”. Dr. Rodney said it was prepubescent anemia. He said if it wasn’t addressed now, she’d develop a cyst, develop toxemia when pregnant and be severely anemic. Two months later she was fine and has never been anemic. Those symptoms she dodged were my symptoms. I always wondered why the doctors couldn’t help my body with the iron I needed instead of prescribing iron pills. Yes, Dr. Rodney said, he could help me. And he did. I haven’t been anemic since then. That, as they say, was the first layer of the onion, and over the years Dr. Rodney has worked with me to solve other problems such as adrenals and para thyroid. I’m sure he saved my life more than once.  

– Arlene K.

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