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When I talk about adrenal stress…Trust me…After what I’ve been through I’m an expert. For those of you that know me, you know what I’m talking about. Even before 6 weeks ago when my husband died and 10 days later I was packed up and moved a 2 day drive away, I had a good handle on adrenal stress. If you would like to read the story of what I just went through, here`s the blog. Now 6 weeks later you would think I would be having some issues but I’ve actually done fairly well considering. Yes there’s been sorrow and some of the usual things you go through when grieving but physically, it’s not been too bad. Had I not started to immediately take care of my adrenals upon the onset of this stress, I would have been a basket case. Even through all the fog and disbelief, something in the back of my head was telling me to take adrenal glandulars. I listened thankfully! I mainly used Cytozyme AD from Biotics and I also took my usual Cytozyme PT-HPT (pituitary/hypothatlamus) as I have some genetic issues with my pituitary. I also have had on hand some thyroid glandular that I have used depending on symptoms. My arsenal other than these has been Multi MIns for dehydration, Inositol and Amino Acid Quick Sorb for sugar handling as my appetite has been very suppressed. ADB5+ is what I’m using now for adrenals as it is a combo of glandular and herbs and is more of an adaptagen than the straight glandular Cytozyme AD that I started with. Some of the symptoms of adrenal stress are fatigue, muscle twitching, referred upper back pain and/or pain along the lower rib line, blood pressure issues, weight gain around the middle area, low sex drive, body temperature unbalanced, inability to make decisions and many more. My particular tell tale signs are upper back pain and muscle twitching usually in my thigh or under my eyes. You need to understand that the thyroid and adrenal in particular back up the heart too so when you are under stress, your heart doesn’t get all the support it needs either.

One of the things that I did when I got to Calgary was to find a chiropractor as I knew I would need some help there in time. Rodney originally was a chiropractor and had gone on to become a Neuro-Spinal Bio-Engineer also. He had such finesse when he adjusted and it’s very hard to find someone as good as he was but I’ve managed to find a very nice chiro nearby. Not quite the same but he gets the job done and will listen to me. After 30 years with Rodney I’ve learned a thing or two about my neck so I often know what’s going on before I get to the appointment. I also traction several times a day and that keeps me in the best shape possible considering the damage I’ve had done in several car accidents. In fact, tractioning has made the biggest difference to the stability of my neck ever.

A couple of weeks ago, I started to experience some nasty upper back pain after a emotional breakdown on the weekend. I went to the chiro first but that only gave temporary relief. So I started to go through my arsenal and figure out what to do. Since in the past when I’ve had this problem, it’s usually been dehydration and adrenal issues. I tried upping my minerals and adrenal glandulars first and still no change. Keep in mind I’m using nutraceuticals not health food store products. The difference between HFS store products and nutraceuticals is that HFS products are 300 concentrate and nutraceuticals are 3000. There are many other differences too but that’s the short version. I tried getting my sugar levels on track as a Zyto scan showed them to be wonky. Understandable since my appetite has been so diminished. Nothing changed re the upper back pain. So I did another scan a couple of days later. Finally…Heart was way out of control. It told me to take Cytozyme H (heart) but I didn’t have any so I used a complex containing glandular heart (Bio Cardiozyme Forte) instead and within 2 days things were much better. So thanks to my experience and the Zyto scan, I was able to get things back under control quickly and not suffer for who knows how long.

I will continue to keep a vigil on things as I go through this difficult process, rebuild the business and take my course that I will be starting very soon. I have a new life ahead and will return to BC eventually. I want to be as strong as possible when I’m ready to make the move back and begin my life on my own. I’ve just finished training for the advanced scan with output so I’m ready to go as soon as my people who have purchased hand cradles are ready to schedule scans. That should start next week.

Output on advanced scans means that at a given point in the scan a bottle of purified water or homeopathic solution is placed near the hand cradle and it emits a frequency into the solution. That solution can be ingested but it doesn’t replace supplements it just enhances them.

One of my focuses will be on diet to heal leaky gut as I feel that it is a big contributor to endocrine issues. Fix the gut and you fix many other health issues. I’ll be blogging more about that soon. I look forward to continuing with existing clients and accepting new people.




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