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Women’s Health Issues

Women’s Health Issues

Problems with fertility, menstrual irregularity, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopausal symptoms have a variety of causes. Many times taking care of general health issues solves them. Mood swings during the menstrual cycle can be the result of poor thyroid function. Poor liver function or dysbiosis can cause imbalance between progesterone and estrogen. Menopausal hot flashes can be the result of poor adrenal function or essential fatty acid deficiency.

It is best to treat root causes of health problems, but sometimes symptom management is necessary. You and your practitioner will decide an effective and natural approach to this issue.

Improving your diet is a good first step in improving health in relation to your cycle. The average American eats 150 pounds of sugar and ten pounds of chemical food additives every year. Most Americans get half of their calories from refined carbohydrates. We consume hydrogenated oils at an alarming rate. The resulting vitamin deficiencies and detrimental effects on all organs and systems of the body are the beginning of many health problems, including menstrual irregularities. Getting adequate exercise is also very important. Based on the results of this questionnaire, and other findings, your practitioner will help you find the best way to fix the root causes of problems with your menstrual cycle and other womenʹs health issues.

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